Mexico is a beautiful country full of culture, fantastic food, friendly people, and wonderful experiences. Many people travel to Mexico for an affordable, all-inclusive vacation, but there’s a luxury side to this country too. For those who have the budget, a vacation to this sunny destination can be full of indulgent, extravagant experiences. If that sounds like your perfect holiday, here are five luxury travel experiences you can add to your next trip to Mexico.

1. Experience fine dining in Mexico City

The restaurant Quintonil is arguably one of Mexico’s most famous restaurants. Business partners Jorge Vallejo and Alejandra Flores first opened the establishment in 2012. Just a few years later, by 2015, Quintonil was being named on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. 

Come here for what might be your best meal in Mexico. It's highly recommended you try the tasting menu along with the wine pairing. The tasting menu can be adapted to accommodate vegan, pescatarian, and vegetarian diets. Every part of this experience - the food, the wine, the atmosphere - is terrific. We do not doubt that this will play in your mind as one of the best meals of your life. 

But, be warned, you'll need to make your reservation well in advance!

2. Book a private sailing

A considerable part of your vacation in Mexico will be all about enjoying the beaches and the water. Unfortunately, the beaches can get quite crowded. One way to enjoy the water while getting some privacy is by booking a private sailing. You can book a private catamaran or a yacht to take you and your travel partner(s) out for a day on the water. 

The crew will take care of all the sailing, so you can sit back, relax, and even enjoy a beverage while on board. You’ll be taken to some of the most popular reefs in Mexico, where you can jump into the water and snorkel. This is easily one of the best ways to spend a day in the hot Mexican sun.

3. See all of Mexico from a private helicopter ride

Private helicopter rides come with a hefty price tag, but in the right location, they can definitely be worth it. Mexico is a vast country and every single part of it is beautiful. Of course, you probably won’t have the time to see everything - even in the particular region you’re staying! You want to explore, but you also need time to relax. One way to make sure you see more is with a private helicopter ride. You can book a ride to fly you over the Mexican landscapes and ocean, taking in Mexico from up above!

4. Take a private tour of cenotes

Cenotes are underground caves or chambers with natural pools of water. The water is typically a stunning blue or green and is naturally filtered as it travels underground. Cenotes make for a great adventure because you get to swim around in a deep cave and feel like you’ve escaped to another world. 

And, you’re in luck because cenotes are abundant in Mexico. The Yucatán Peninsula region of Mexico has over 600 hundred natural cenotes for tourists to explore. Consider making this a luxury experience by booking a private cenote tour. The tour will pick you up and transport you to 2-3 of the best cenotes in your area (that aren’t overly crowded). These tours also include a stop at an authentic local Mexican restaurant for a delicious lunch.

5. Book a yoga retreat

Along with some fun and adventure, you probably came to Mexico to get a little relaxation in. Mexico is the perfect place to recharge - especially at a luxury yoga retreat. The right yoga retreat can include five-star accommodations, incredible food, and even spas onsite. Not to mention some pretty great yoga classes. 

Our personal favorite is Beyond Yoga Retreat. You’ll be put up in one of eight 5,000 square foot private villas located in the Sierra Madre jungle with a view of the Pacific ocean. When you’re not attending the yoga classes throughout the day, you can venture outside for some excursions or take a break at the spa. Trust us, a luxury yoga retreat is exactly what you need to end or start your next Mexican holiday.

So, which of these luxury experiences are going to make it onto your to-do list for your next trip to Mexico?


Discover the opulent side of Mexico with experiences like dining at the acclaimed Quintonil in Mexico City, and setting sail on a private yacht. From aerial views in a helicopter to serene swims in secluded cenotes and rejuvenating yoga retreats, luxury awaits in this vibrant country.