The buzzed-about documentary series on Netflix titled Chef’s Table profiles a world-renowned chef in each episode. Several of these chefs are based in America and are making food better than anyone else in the country. From traditional cuisine to modern dining experiences, here are the 6 restaurants from Netflix’s Chef’s Table that you can visit in the USA.

1. Blue Hill

Chef Dan Barber at Blue Hill Restaurant, located in New York City’s Greenwich Village, has created an American menu featuring locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Hidden below street level in an old speakeasy, Blue Hill will remind you of the past but the ever-changing daily menu is very much rooted in the present, utilizing farm-fresh produce, cheeses, and meats.

2. N/Naka

The upscale Japanese tasting menus at N/Naka in Los Angeles are prepared by Chef Niki Nakayama. This modern Kaiseki dining experience will transport you to the other side of the world, making you forget that you’re sitting in a restaurant in California. The thirteen courses are offered with optional wine and sake pairings. You’ll explore traditional methods of high-quality food preparation made modern and exciting.

3. Alinea

Chef Grant Achatz owns a few restaurants in Chicago, including Next, Roister, and Alinea. Alinea draws in a crowd due to its creative and unique dishes that are better described as detailed works of art than dinner. There are three innovative experiences to choose from, but regardless of your choice you know you’re in for a Michelin starred meal at one of the best restaurants in the world.

4. Atelier Creen

Atelier Creen and sister restaurant Petit Crenn are run by famed chef Dominique Crenn in San Francisco. The modern French multi-course tasting menu at minimalistic hotspot Atelier Crenn is critically acclaimed for a good reason, it’s all made well and tastes incredible. Reservations are necessary, due to there being only eight tables at the restaurant.

5. Osteria Mozza

Celebrity chefs Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali are the brains behind Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles. The high-end Italian cuisine is incomparable, with dishes like razor clams with fermented tomato, ricotta and egg ravioli with browned butter, grilled Sonoma County lamb chops, and rosemary olive oil cakes. The restaurant even boasts its own mozzarella bar, hence the name.

6. Ivan Ramen

Colorful, cool, and creative ramen bar Ivan Ramen is owned and operated by Chef Ivan Orkin in New York City, with another two locations in Tokyo, Japan. Located on the Lower East Side, Ivan Ramen is doing noodle soups and izakaya-style small plates like no one else. The food is authentic yet imaginative, made with an apparent love for Japanese cooking styles by a chef born and raised in New York.


In this guide, we delved into the captivating culinary world showcased in Netflix's Chef’s Table, spotlighting six exceptional restaurants in the USA. From age-old traditions to innovative culinary artistry, these establishments led by world-renowned chefs offer a feast for both the eyes and palate. Revisit these culinary masterpieces and consider planning your next dining adventure.