Looking for a little adventure South of the border? Well, then you’re in luck. Mexico is brimming with adventure activities. If you’ve got a need for a rush of adrenaline, these 8 activities are must-try’s in Mexico. If you’re a worrier, we’d recommend you stop reading right about now.

1. Isla Holbox: Swimming with Whale Sharks

The whale shark is the world’s largest fish and can reach up to 50 feet long… that’s the size of a school bus. If you’re thinking ‘Wow, I’d love to swim next to a 50-foot shark right now,’ then you’re in luck because Isla Holbox is one of the best places in the world to do it. This spit of land is only a few miles wide by a few miles long with sandy white beaches surrounding it. Throw on some flippers and a snorkel and you and your friends can actually swim right out to greet these gentle giants. Just make sure you visit between June and September, otherwise, you’ll miss your window!

2. El Potrero Chico: Rock Climbing

Does climbing a giant mountain made of limestone sound like a good idea to you? Then let us introduce you to El Potrero Chico – one of the best places for climbing in the country. This summit that looks like it was plucked right out of the imagination of JRR Tolkien has over 600 climbing routes for you to choose from. All of the climbing routes have bolted anchors so you can climb in peace, away from any other climbers on the mountain. It’s a guaranteed great time if you don’t look down.

3. Sierre Norte De Oaxaca: World Class Hiking

Meet the local indigenous people, kayak or hike into mangrove-lined fishing holes, and sleep beach-side. You can even hike into the tropical lowland to a cascading waterfall and swimming hole… You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

4. Copper Canyon: Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in a canyon. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Because riding your bike on a flat surface just doesn’t make any sense. A lot of people like to take the train ride through this behemoth of a canyon, but for the real adventurer, riding your mountain bike through the hills might be the best way to really get a feel for its beauty and grandeur. Bring bandaids.

5. Veracruz: White Water Rafting

Maybe you want to go drifting at a high velocity down cold water with tons of boulders to potentially smack against. If so, you need to check out Veracruz. It’s one of the best places to NOT go merrily down a stream. These class III and IV rapids will have you screaming the whole way down, no matter which river you go on. Just listen to your mother and wear a helmet.

6. Yaxchilan Ruins: Exploration

These ruins are by far your best chance at ever getting chased by a giant boulder, Indiana Jones style. First, the only way in and out is by boat. Second, it’s in the middle of a massive jungle. And third, just look at it. You know there’s a golden monkey hidden inside there somewhere, just waiting for you to replace it with a bag of sand. Yes, it is apparent to us that this is the perfect temple for you to live out your childhood dreams.

7. Cave of Swallows: Rappeling

Cave of Swallows? And people do what in it? Oh, they basically just jump into it? Oh yeah, sounds like a great idea!

You too can do this with a simple permit. Then all you need to do is tie up your rope, say a prayer and jump into a 1200 foot hole in the ground. Inside the hole is another world waiting for you filled with exotic birds, bats and more. Once you get to the ground you can wander around, take a sweet selfie, and then climb the 1200 feet back up to the top. Good luck!

8. Puerto Escondido (or Sayulita): Surfing

The surfing in Puerto Escondido is some of the best in the world. The waves here get big. Really big. So if you’re in the mood for adventure, then this is the place for you. Or if you want, you can head north for about 30 minutes and find Sayulita, which offers great surfing but for beginner to intermediate levels.


Looking for a little adventure South of the border? Well, then you’re in luck. Mexico is brimming with adventure activities.