Your guide to the best coffee in Spain

Around the world, coffee has become one of the most consumed beverages, but coffee in Spain takes things to another level. This corner of the world takes its coffee seriously, and the cafes and coffee shops in Spain won’t disappoint when you visit. If you’ve been searching for that perfect cup of morning coffee before you go explore a city, you’ll find it in Barcelona, Madrid, or Seville. Once you’ve decided that you’re going to visit Spain, take out some pen and paper, or open another browser with a Word Document, and get ready to take notes here. Might as well have a great cup of Spanish coffee while you’re reading along to get you inspired and excited. Here are the best cafes and coffee shops in Spain. 

Finding specialty coffee: Barcelona 

Searching for the best coffee in Barcelona could take a lifetime, but our travel experts have scoured the country and are going to make the search more than a bit easier for you. The good news is that when you need some specialty coffee, Barcelona is ready to provide you with it. 

Let’s get into it. Best coffee, Barcelona style. 

Best coffee, Barcelona: Coffee Casa

best coffee barcelona
Photo Credit: Coffee Casa

Your first cafe or coffee shop in Spain to visit is Coffee Casa in Barcelona. Their menu includes teas, infused coffees, flavored coffees, cakes, muffins, and other sweet treats. They also offer Spanish iced coffee, which is a must-order when you’re in Spain. 

Every member of the Coffee Casa team is friendly, happy to chat, engaging, and positive. A conversation while ordering can put you on track for a great day in Barcelona. On top of having a great selection of food and drinks, this is some of the best coffee in Spain. Best coffee Barcelona lists always have it near the top. 

The cups are big, the coffee is strong, and the vibes are friendly. Start your tour of coffee in Spain at Coffee Casa. 

Best specialty coffee, Barcelona: SlowMov

best specialty coffee barcelona
Photo Credit: SlowMov

In business for over seven years as of writing, the team pictured above at SlowMov has been roasting and locating the best beans in the world to bring you the best specialty coffee Barcelona has to offer. Anyone selling coffee in Spain could learn from the brilliant minds at SlowMov. 

These guys and girls are truly the experts. SlowMov’s team only works with specialty coffees, those that are single-origin, 100% Arabica. These must be beans from distinct microclimates and regions, that are accustomed to extremely sensitive production techniques and procedures. The range of coffees that you can find at SlowMov rotates depending upon the time of the year, as coffees from around the world will change greatly based on the season. No bean is roasted the same here, SlowMov adjusts its practices according to what every bean from each microclimate needs, and that attention to detail makes all the difference. 

This is some of the best coffee Barcelona has ever laid its lips on. Try some when you visit so that you can say you’ve had the best specialty coffee in Spain. 

Best Spanish iced coffee: Departure Coffee Co.

best spanish iced coffee
Photo credit: Departure Coffee Co.

Now, don’t get us wrong. There are hundreds of contenders for the best Spanish iced coffee, and they all have a cast to be made. A lot is based on your personal preference, but if you’re like us and want a strong, cold, not too sweet but sweet enough Spanish iced coffee, then the folks at Departure Coffee Co. 

Departure Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee shop and art gallery tucked away on a tiny street in El Raval. It’s quite quiet for how spectacular their iced coffee is, and that’s what makes it so hard to recommend this gem…we want it to stay quiet. They ask visitors not to work while they visit, but to instead enjoy the company of each other over a deliciously caffeinated beverage or two. And what could be better than that? We’ve all been in a coffee shop with someone loudly hosting a Zoom meeting, or planning the presentation for Q3. That’s not what a coffee shop experience is about. It’s about connecting, or disconnecting, and enjoying the moment. And that’s what makes this place so special. If the best Spanish iced coffee in Barcelona isn’t enough for you, stay for the peaceful vibe. 

Best wholesale coffee in Spain: Morrow Coffee

best coffee spain
Photo credit: Morrow Coffee

If you’re after a great bean to bring home and make coffee at your hotel or vacation rental, consider a trip to Morrow Coffee. They pack freshly roasted bags of incredible specialty coffee from around the world, always with a seasonal focus. If it’s being sold on the counter wholesale at Morrow Coffee, you can absolutely trust that it’s going to be a great cup of coffee. Removes any guesswork for coffee newbies. 

It’s also great for anyone looking to bring coffee home with them after their vacation so that they can remember what the coffee in Barcelona was really like. There’s nothing better than sitting at home and enjoying a cup of specialty coffee just the way you had it on your trip to Spain, it will bring you back to another place in time and make you smile, while also starting your day off right. 

The cafe in Barcelona is also just a great place to grab a cup of specialty coffee or Spanish iced coffee, so we don’t want to undersell the rest of the business. It’s a great place to sit and enjoy your beverage while munching on a pastry or two and taking a little time for yourself. Whether you’re rushing through Spain trying to see everything quickly or have a little bit more time to stop and smell the coffee, this place is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

Best coffee shop, Spain: Naji Specialty Coffee

best coffee shop spain
Photo credit: Naji Speciality Coffee

I’m not sure there’s a great way to articulate just how perfect this coffee shop is, but the title best coffee shop, Spain probably fills you in a bit. Located in Madrid, Naji Speciality Coffee is just doing things their own way. And we love that. 

The real star of the show, and what makes this our favorite coffee shop in Madrid, is the Pistachio Latte pictured above. It’s a sip from heaven. Here’s the thing though. They also sell a Pistachio Almond Cake, so you can really get all the pistachio you need in one sitting. It’s a total game changer and one of the best coffee bites you can get your hands on in Spain, or anywhere for that matter. The Iced Pistachio Latte is another crowd favorite, so we’d recommend coming twice or having your friend or partner order the cold version so you can try it both ways. Equally delicious. The interior is simple, the ingredients are first class, the execution is exquisite, and the creativity is out of bounds. Put it all together and you have the best coffee shop in Spain. 

Best specialty coffee, Madrid: Feliz Coffee

best coffee madrid
Photo credit: Feliz Coffee

Yes, we recognize we just said that Naji has the best coffee in Spain, but we want to give a shout-out to some of the best coffee in Madrid as well. So here is where we’re going to recognize one of our favorite coffee shops in Madrid, Feliz Coffee. 

This quaint shop isn’t just home to some of the coolest designed cups on our list, they’ve also got incredible Spanish iced coffee and some of the best homemade cookies and other treats (try the cinnamon buns) in town. Sit outside on the bench and watch the world go by as you enjoy a deliciously poured cup of coffee from the experts at Feliz Coffee. This should be a definite stop on your list when you visit Madrid and need something to perk you up a bit in Spain’s biggest city. 

Best cafe, Valencia: Beat Brew Bar

best coffee valencia spain
Photo Credit: Beat Brew Bar

Valencia is home to some of the best cafes in Spain, and Beat Brew Bar is certainly at the top of our list. 

Beat Brew Bar has an incredible schedule. Here’s what you can expect on a given day that you walk in. The company offers tastings, courses and workshops on Specialty Coffee from Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 7:30pm. They serve craft drinks, including Kombucha, infusions, and interesting lattes of all kinds from Thursday to Saturday 11am to 3:30pm. And finally Beat Brew Bar sells freshly roasted Coffee, Artisan Kombucha, Cold Brew and Criollo Cocoa Chocolates from Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 5:30pm. It’s a busy schedule but you’ll never be disappointed or bored! 

Wherever you end up on your next trip to Spain, know that you’re in good hands when it comes to coffee shops and cafes in Spain. There are incredible specialty coffee shops and roasters serving freshly roasted coffee throughout the country, from Madrid to Barcelona and everywhere in between. Start sipping and find your favorite coffee shop in Spain when you visit - just don’t skip a Pistacho Latte. 


Embark on a coffee lover's journey in Spain, where the art of coffee takes center stage. Spaniards have a profound appreciation for this beloved beverage, and the cafes and coffee shops in Spain truly reflect their passion. Whether you're sipping an espresso at a historic cafe in Madrid or indulging in a cortado in a quaint seaside town, Spain's coffee culture is a delightful experience waiting to be savored. Discover the best cafes and coffee shops in Spain and let your coffee adventure begin.