When you need a beer, the Czech Republic is the place to be. The birthplace of Pilsner is the home to some of the best, tastiest beer in the world. It’s also extremely affordable, with a pint costing you under $2 USD in many cases.

There are also plenty of places to get your hands on some delicious brew. There are Pilsner Official Restaurants all over the country – and if you’re in Prague, you’ll likely see one on every other block.

Be sure you taste the three ways they serve beer in the Czech Republic.

1. The Hladinka (Smooth) Pour

2. The Na Dvakrat (Crisp) Pour

3. The Mliko (Milk) Pour

Here’s a look.

Important points from the video:

1. The glass should be the same temperature as the beer

2. Beer should have a nice head because head protects the beer from oxidation

3. Carbonation is lower with a smooth pour, making it great if you’re ready to drink

4. Beer will stay fresher, longer with a crisp pour – good if you’re drinking throughout a meal

5. The milk pour is for the beer connoisseur, and it’s a must try when you visit the Czech Republic

That’s it! You’re now an expert. Well, maybe not an expert. But knock a few of beers back and you’ll start to feel like one.


Here's a quick overview of everything you need to know about the beer in the Czech Republic, one of the most delicious places in the world to consume a tasty beverage.