Food travelers, food travelers, lend me your ears (and your stomachs). There is amazing food all over this great planet no matter what corner you visit, and these YouTube channels are showing it off in the most delicious ways possible. If you travel to taste the world, be sure to subscribe to these channels.

1. Best Ever Food Review Show

Sonny Side hosts this food-focused travel show that takes you all around the globe (with a focus on Asia). Watch him feast on raw chicken in Japan, Ostrich in Indonesia, and lamb in Uzbekistan all on one channel.

2. Mark Weins

Mark Weins has been all over the world, and he's making it look absolutely delicious. He has videos featuring $3000 cuts of Wagyu Beef, 30-minute street food episodes in places like Dubai and China - he even tries the spiciest ramen in Tokyo. Jealous!  

3. The Food Ranger

Trevor James is The Food Ranger, and he's made his way through China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand - four countries that are each home to incredible food. If you love noodles and street food, Trevor's your guy.

4. Chasing a Plate

Thomas & Sheena cover street food like no one else. They take you on food tours (videos are typically 20 minutes in length give or take) and show you the best spots to visit, prices included. We've been to several places they've recommended and were not disappointed.

5. David's Been Here

Host David Hoffman loves to travel - he's hosted over 1,000 episodes across 6 continents. We first discovered his series in India, which is a fantastic look at all the different flavors and tastes that the country has to offer. USA Today has named him a top 10 travel videographer, so be sure to hit subscribe.


In this guide, we journeyed through the delectable world of food tourism, spotlighting five must-follow YouTube channels for every culinary adventurer. From the tantalizing visuals to the rich stories behind each dish, these channels are your gateway to tasting the globe from your screen. Among them, the Best Ever Food Review Show stands out, offering viewers an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Consider these channels your appetizer to global cuisine.