Sometimes getting to see a place before it becomes overrun with tourists is the best way to go. Actually, not sometimes – everytime. Tourists suck. Except me and you.

While Paris and Phuket have lots of charm, they’re also overloaded with people from around the world. These places can become as frustrating as they are beautiful.

If you’re interested in seeing a destination without the crowds, think about visiting one of these 5 amazing countries. They’re relatively untouched by tourists…for now. Until the cruise ships start stopping in Greenland at least.

5. Mauritius

Mauritius is a paradise found.  It has stunning waters, beautiful beaches, and tons of privacy for you to….read a book.

It’s tough to get to, which may be why tourists have yet to flock to the nation – but if you’re interested in avoiding the crowds and you want to relax, Mauritius is right for you.

4. Slovenia

Maybe the most charming country on our list, Slovenia is located in Central Europe. Fly into the capital of Ljubljana and stroll the streets – the city center will remind you of Europe at the turn of the 20th century. It’s less crowded, quieter, and beautiful.

Highlights of the country include Bled, Piran, and Lake Bohinj. This is an outdoor lovers paradise.

3. Greenland

Yes, it may not officially be a country, as it’s part of Denmark, but Greenland is too big a place to leave off of our list. It also feels nothing like Denmark.

While tourists are flocking to the natural beauty and scenery beholden to Iceland, make the decision to go off the beaten path. Greenland has equally stunning views and not even 1/1000th of the crowd. Glaciers, wildlife, birdwatching, boating, camping, rustic lodging – Greenland is a dream.

2. Botswana

Home to some of the largest game in Africa, Botswana is an amazing place to go on safari. Yet, tourists are still choosing to visit South Africa in large over neighboring Botswana, so it’s time you take advantage before everyone catches on.

The Chobe River is loaded with elephants and lions in huge numbers, and you can embark on both land and water safaris to see the animals from different viewpoints.

1. Colombia

Yes, tourism in Colombia is growing, quickly – which is why we’ve made this the number one place to visit on our list. It won’t be the quietest country of those listed here, but it’s the most likely to become overrun with selfie sticks in the coming years…so go now.

Colombia has plenty to offer. From the beaches in Santa Marta and the Rosario Islands to the history of Cartagena and Bogota. There are amazing places like the Salt Cathedral, Monseratte, and Bolivar Square that are sure to be packed with visitors in the coming decades. Enjoy the food, drinks, dancing, and culture that makes Colombia such an amazing place to visit.

Got a place we should visit before it gets overrun with tourists? Let us know.


Discovering hidden gems before they're crowded with tourists offers a unique experience. Unlike popular destinations like Paris and Phuket that charm yet often overwhelm with global visitors, these five countries remain virtually untouched. Explore serene beauty without the bustling crowds, ensuring a memorable and authentic journey. Safe travels as you embark on these less-trodden paths.