We know that when most people think of the United Kingdom, you might first think of fish and chips, the iconic London Eye, or the rolling green hills of Northern Ireland. And while the four countries that make up the UK certainly have all of that to offer and more, they also have a plethora of timeless and luxurious experiences for those looking to truly indulge while they travel and explore.

1. Stay at the Savoy hotel in London.

In our opinion, you can’t highlight UK luxurious experiences without visiting one of the area’s world-renowned hotels. Considering the Savoy’s stunning views of South London and the Thames River, it’s no wonder that this London hotel has remained one of the city’s most iconic properties.

Not only will the hotel rooms themselves envelop you in a blanket of old-world pampering, but upon walking through the lobby, you’ll be greeted with marbled floors and chandeliers hanging from the architecturally pleasing roofs. Instantly transporting guests back in time to the days when Marilyn Monroe used to visit the American bar and Sir Winston Churchill dined at the Savoy Grill.

For those of you who prefer more modern accommodations, you’ll be happy to know that the Savoy does a fantastic job of keeping up with the times, making their guests feel right at home with all of the amenities no matter where you’re traveling from.

2. Experience the Chelsea Flower Show.

The Chelsea fashion show takes place every May in London, and it’s easy to see why it’s become one of the city’s most notable events. The event is filled with stunningly exquisite flowers at every turn, and each year features a different theme. Considering that and the pretty fantastic people watching, it makes for one fabulous way to spend a luxurious afternoon in London. Yes, even the royals are known to attend each year.

Strolling through some of the most notoriously unique floral displays in the world, you’ll be happy to know that there is plenty to sip and snack on at this prestigious event. We highly suggest grabbing some fish and chips while you sip on a glass of champagne or a Pimms, of course, and have a first-hand look at the floral masterpieces awaiting you.

3. Charter a Yacht in the Solent.

Suppose your idea of luxury is getting out on the ocean and letting your worries fly away as you sail through glittering international waters. In that case, you won’t want to miss the experience of charting a yacht in the Solent. While this may not be one of the first experiences that come to mind when researching UK travel, it’s simply one of the most unique (and luxurious) ways to explore this area of the United Kingdom.

Your days will be filled with mornings spent lounging on the yacht and afternoons strolling idly through the vibrant sailing villages. While there are plenty of spots to sail through during your trip, you’d be remiss to miss checking out the Cowes, also known as the north coast of the Isle of White. Here you'll find plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants to explore and sample everything the islands have to offer.

If you’re looking to book a particularly special luxurious experience, we highly suggest booking the private dining room at the Hut restaurant on Colwell Bay. Known for its breathtaking views, you truly will have an unforgettable evening with family or friends.

4. Relax for a Weekend in the English Countryside.

Out of all of the best spots in the UK that we know and love to write about, a getaway in the English countryside has to be one of the most picturesque UK luxury experiences. From stunningly intricate hotels to dramatic mountain and coastline views, the English countryside is filled with plenty of ways to spend a decadent, cozy afternoon (may we suggest by an open fire with a warm drink in hand?)

Not to mention the towns that look like they came straight out of an old-time novel. Wandering through the quaint villages filled with local shops and beloved local pubs, you’ll quickly find yourself lost in the beautiful, lush English landscape.

If you have a hard time deciding where to go, the short answer is that from the Cotswolds’ to Berkshire, there are plenty of five-star spots to choose from for your next luxurious UK experience.

5. Enjoy a Meal at One of the incredible Michelin Starred Restaurants.

If your idea of luxury is spending an evening being wined and dined at one of the most highly-rated restaurants in the UK, you're in luck. Currently, a total of eight restaurants hold three Michelin stars throughout the United Kingdom.

Since we realize you may not have time to try all eight (if you do, we fully support you), we're highlighting one of our top musts; for the elegant restaurant's food, of course, but also for their unique ambiance and dining experience.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester in London. Not only is his seasonal French cuisine something that should not be missed, but the restaurant's centerpiece is one of the city's most revered dining spaces. So while you dine on his signature dishes, such as halibut with seaweed or 'sauté gourmand' of lobster, you'll also be able to view the glittering Table Lumiere, a private dining table surrounded by a curtain of twinkling lights.

6. Spend a Weekend at the Driftwood hotel in Cornwall.

When you picture UK luxury experiences, you’ll picture this- A relaxing afternoon starting with tea that soon leads to champagne while you overlook the beautiful Roseland Peninsula sea views below you.

A thoughtfully coastal decorated property complete with secluded gardens and Michelin-starred food? You indeed won’t be left wanting for a thing. Not to mention the plush, incredibly cozy bedrooms waiting for you, most of which have an ocean view.

One of the best parts of this property is the location. The village of Portscatho is only a 30-minute walk away, and there are plenty of nearby restaurants and spots to explore if you feel like adventuring out for a day, although we think you’ll have a pretty hard time leaving.

7. Experience the Classic Luxury at Wimbledon.

As the world’s oldest tennis tournament, if done right, Wimbledon is a true old-world luxury. For the best UK luxury experience, we’d recommend going all out by treating yourself to the hospitality experience, which gives you full access to the revered Rosewater Pavilion. What’s the rosewater pavilion, you ask? Just imagine the vibes and energy of Wimbledon that drives millions of people to Wimbledon every year, but with the bonus of private gardens, lounges, drinks on tap, world-class chefs, and live musicians.

You'll have direct access to the tennis grounds and an incredible view of the world’s best tennis players, and you’ll be doing it while avoiding the hassle of the crowds that day altogether. Game, set, and match.

8. Afternoon Tea at the Ritz.

We can't talk about luxury in the UK without mentioning the experience you’ll have during afternoon tea at the Ritz.

Served in the beautiful surroundings of the Palm court, you’ll have the pleasure of choosing from 18 different types of tea and snacking on sandwiches and pastries with ingredients like smoked salmon and lemon butter or Cornish clotted cream and strawberry preserves.

Of course, afternoon tea is a staple of the culture in the UK, so what makes the one at the Ritz so particularly special? Well, this is the only hotel in the UK to have a certified Tea Master, a specialist who travels around the world, ensuring the Ritz has a direct source of all of the absolute best teas. Worth the trip alone if you ask us.

Happy sipping!

9. Spend Time Soaking up the Culture in Bath.

Bath is undoubtedly one of the most idyllic English towns in the UK, which is unsurprising considering it's been the tried and true destination for relaxation since Roman times.

Not only can you spend your day soaking in the town's restoring natural hot springs, but the entire city is overflowing with plenty of picturesque spots to eat, drink, shop, and learn about the rich history behind this old Georgian architecturally styled town.

We suggest booking a stay at the Gainsborough and taking advantage of their access to three thermal pools, an ice alcove, and a relaxation terrace. Then to top off your day of a total well-being reset, please book a reservation for the well-known (and loved) Sunday roast at No.15 by Guesthouse bath.

You didn't think we'd let you leave the UK without a proper Sunday roast, did you?

10. Book a Dinner Cruise Down the Thames.

While the Thames river runs right through central London and many of the cities’ main points of interest, it somehow provides a sense of peace and relaxation right in the middle of it all, and seeing it at night is a totally different experience.

Treating yourself to a beautiful multi-course dinner while the sun sets on the Thames is nothing short of a magical experience.

Let the night (and the drinks) flow as you gently cruise through the city, viewing some of the most spectacular sights in London. This will be a luxurious experience not soon forgotten.

We know we covered quite a lot of the beautiful scenery and luxury you can find throughout the UK. But we're pretty confident that whichever luxurious experience you choose will leave you quickly planning your next trip back.



Elevate your UK travel experience with these ten luxurious indulgences. While the United Kingdom is famous for its classic attractions and landscapes, it also offers a wealth of opulent experiences for discerning travelers. From lavish accommodations to exclusive tours, discover the UK's hidden gems and create lasting memories in style and sophistication.