The grilled cheese sandwich seems to have taken a spotlight in the culinary world in the last few years. In 2014, the movie “Chef” came out with a famous grilled cheese scene that inspired how-to articles on replicating the exact sandwich. Since then, grilled cheese sandwiches have shown up on restaurant menus across the country - from casual diners to fine dining experiences. The grilled cheese you know and love has been elevated with creative interpretations, and we think we’ve found some of the greatest! Here are the 10 best grilled cheese sandwiches in the United States. 

1. Grilled Cheeserie (Nashville, Tennesse) 

The Grilled Cheeserie's entire restaurant concept is serving up delicious, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Started by husband and wife team Joseph Bogan and Crystal De Luna-Bogan, The Grilled Cheeserie was initially a food truck. Joseph is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and his marvelous creations quickly took over the food scene in Nashville. Today, The Grilled Cheeserie has a food truck and three brick-and-mortar locations.

The entire menu has amazing grilled cheeses, but our favorite is the Pimento Mac and Chee. This sandwich comes with housemade pimento cheese, cheddar, macaroni, tomato, and bacon bits. And, after all, a mac and cheese grilled cheese can never disappoint. 

2. New York Grilled Cheese (Boca Raton, Florida)

The New York Grilled Cheese in Florida serves up your favorite sandwich as a waffle! With the tagline, “not your mother’s grilled cheese,” these sandwiches are perfectly crispy on the outside with warm, gooey cheese inside. All the grilled cheese names are attributes to New York, with names like the “Wall Street Grinder” and “Brooklyn Porkster.” 

All the sandwiches are heavenly, but we love the “Time Square Pizza Melt.” This sandwich has roasted pepperoni, housemade marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and a garlic butter spread on a waffled country loaf. The “Midtown Truffle Shuffle” is a close second, which comes with garlic and herb-roasted mushrooms, melted mozzarella, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, and truffle aioli.  

3. Melt Bar and Grilled (Canton, Ohio)

Chef Matt Fish loves two things: craft beer and grilled cheese. And those two passions inspired him to open up Melt Bar and Grilled in 2006. Fish believes everyone can relate to grilled cheese and wanted to give people an unpretentious place to gather, have some drinks, and enjoy great food. His concept took Ohio by storm and now Melt Bar and Grilled has 12 locations. 

The “must-have” grilled cheese sandwich here is the Cowabunga (TMNT inspired). This sandwich comes deep-fried cheese pizza rolls, basil marinara, basil pesto, herb cream cheese, provolone, and romano. Every sandwich comes in the option of half or whole portions. Our recommendation is to get two halves of different types of grilled cheeses!

4. Stacked Sandwich Shop (Portland, Oregon)

In the couple of years the Stacked Sandwich Shop has been open, it’s won countless awards for its fantastic menu. With a focus on using sustainable, responsible, natural, and seasonal ingredients, the sandwich creations here are fresh and delicious. And the bread for all sandwiches is from a local Portland bakery - The Grand Central Bakery. 

The grilled cheese sandwich here stuns despite its simplicity. It includes truffle pecorino, cheddar, provolone, all served on fresh como bread. You can opt to add bacon or avocado, but we insist you try this classic in its original form at least once! 

5. Ms. Cheezious (Miami, Florida)

This isn’t your average grilled cheese restaurant. Starting in 2010 as a food truck, Ms. Cheezious has expanded to three food trucks and a brick-and-mortar location. Ms. Cheezious has been awarded in Food Network’s Top 25 Food Trucks in the Country and as the Best Food Truck by Daily Meal. 

It’s hard to pick just one grilled cheese here, but the Mackin Melt is probably the house specialty. This sandwich comes with creamy gouda mac and cheese and house-cured bacon all served on sourdough bread. It’s indulgent and will exceed any expectations you could ever have for a grilled cheese. 

6. Clinton Hall (New York City, New York)

Most people come to Clinton Hall for the fun atmosphere and excellent beer selection. And while Clinton Hall does have both of those things, we instead want to talk about the food. This restaurant is known among grilled cheese lovers for its doughnut grilled cheese. This interpretation of the grilled cheese gives you melty mozzarella cheese in between a glazed doughnut and served with a bowl of tomato soup. It’s everything you could want when looking for a comforting meal. 

7. Alchemy Cafe (Madison, Wisconsin)

Honestly, we couldn’t have a grilled cheese list without having a Wisconsin restaurant make the cut! The Alchemy Cafe is a laid-back, casual spot that serves gourmet versions of American classics. Their interpretation of a grilled cheese is stuffed with vegetables, which may sound like it wouldn’t work - but it really does! Alchemy’s Stuffed Grilled Cheese comes with broccoli, roasted carrots, tomato, red onion cheddar, cilantro Swiss, pesto sauce, and sourdough bread. It’s a grilled cheese that tastes fresh, comforting, and doesn’t make you feel quite as unhealthy!

8. The Highroller Lobster Co. (Portland, Maine)

The Highroller Lobster Co. started as two friends running a hot dog cart in 2015. Their unique creations and commitment to using the freshest seafood gave them almost instant success, and they were able to open a restaurant in Portland. 

The grilled cheese is a nearly perfect concept, but adding lobster to it might bring it up to pure perfection. The Lobster Grilled Cheese comes with a cheddar and Swiss blend, fresh claw and knuckle lobster meat, and buttery toasted bread. It’s so good, you just might want to order two! 

9. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (Seattle, Washington)

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is an artisan cheesemaker in Seattle. The brand has retail shops and cafes where you can order meals featuring their own cheese. Ask anyone in Seattle and they’ll tell you Beecher’s has the best grilled cheese in the city. Their sandwiches are simple but undeniably incredible because of the local, housemade cheese. We recommend trying the Basil & Tomato Grilled Cheese which comes with a blend of Beecher’s flagship cheese and Just Jack cheese, fresh basil, sliced tomatoes, and Beecher’s spread.  

10. Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. (Dallas, Texas)

Restaurant Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. believes that “grilled cheeses should be fun,” and they do just that with their fun creations. We love the sandwich appropriately named “The Favorite.” You get parmesan-crusted grilled sourdough with American, cheddar, and Gruyère cheeses, crumbled bacon, and Dijon mustard. It’s decadent, salty, and filling. You’ll leave here satisfied and already thinking about the next time you’ll be coming back.


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Indulge in cheesy goodness as we explore the 10 best grilled cheese sandwiches in the US. From the iconic scene in the movie "Chef" to the rising culinary trend, grilled cheese sandwiches have taken the spotlight in recent years. Discover these mouthwatering creations, ranging from casual diners to fine dining establishments, that have elevated the humble grilled cheese to a culinary masterpiece.