When you think of classic American food, you typically think of apple pie, hot dogs, and burgers. And, in recent years, the classic burger has really experienced an evolution. Walk into a restaurant and you'll find creative burgers that incorporate new flavor combinations. Whether it's a classic burger using premium high-quality ingredients or a twist with innovative ingredients, burgers have a lot to offer now. And to prove just how far the burger has come - we've found the seven best burgers in the United States. Trust us, every burger lover will be drooling over these picks.  

1. Au Cheval (Chicago, Illinois) - Double Cheeseburger

Au Cheval proudly states that its double cheeseburger is the restaurant's signature dish - and we can see why! The double cheeseburger comes with two thin, perfectly seasoned patties. The burger comes with cheese, pickles, and a tangy homemade "Dijonnaise" sauce. Go the extra mile and make it "Au Cheval" style by adding a fried egg and bacon. 

2. Pizza Loves Emily (Brooklyn, New York) - Emmy Burger

It might be surprising to find that a pizza place wins one of the top seven burgers in the United States. Still, despite a love for pizza, this husband-and-wife team has dreamt up a killer burger that you'll be thinking about for years. The Emmy Burger is made with Pat LaFrieda dry-aged beef, Emmy sauce, caramelized onions, and plenty of melted Grafton cheddar. And this masterpiece is served on a pretzel bun with cornichon and fries. 

Pizza Loves Emily's burger is so popular that it's the only item on the menu with an asterisk declining substitution, modifications, and warning that there is limited availability per night. (Pro tip - come early because this burger does sell out most nights.)

3. Better Luck Tomorrow (Houston, Texas) - Party Melt Burger

For a unique take on the classic burger, you have to go to Better Luck Tomorrow in Houston and order the Party Melt Burger. The beef patty is made up of ground beef cooked in beef fat for extra flavor. You get broiled cheese which crisps up and adds texture to the burger. And, you get an onion punch of flavor with both caramelized onions and thinly sliced red onions for toppings. The difference to this classic burger is the bun. Instead of a traditional bun, this burger is in between two slices of homemade Parmesan bread. It's a wonderfully savory combination of flavors that just work amazing together. 

4. Sid’s Diner (El Reno, Oklahoma) - The Onion Burger

Just about everyone in Oklahoma knows about the Onion Burger at Sid's Diner. Travel Channel, Man vs. Food, and the Food Network have all given features to this burger. The fried onion burger comes as ¼, ½, or a full pound of meat cooked on a "well-seasoned grill." And, the trick to this amazing burger is that the onions are smashed into the meat so that as the meat cooks, the onions caramelize and flavor the patty. While you can technically opt for raw onions - or no onions - trust us when we say you should just let Sid's Diner do what they do best. 

5. Chronis’ Famous Sandwich Shop (LA, California) - Chili Burger

Chronis' Famous Sandwich Shop has been open since 1945, serving up fresh, delicious meals for Los Angeles residents. The burger to have here is the famous Chili Burger. Your burger gets a healthy dose of yellow mustard, a heaping pile of meaty, spicy chili, and some crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes on top. It's simple but delicious and is guaranteed to satisfy your burger craving. 

6.  Mission Bowling Club (San Francisco, California) - Mission Burger

As if this list hasn't been full of surprises already - our number six spot for best burger goes to a bowling alley. Mission Bowling Club serves up an unbelievable burger with a patty made of organic brisket and chuck beef, which is seared in beef fat. The burger is topped with Monterey Jack cheese, caramelized onions, a delicious caper aioli, and served on an Acme bun. It's simple, hearty, and just the right amount of grease. 

7. Stella's Bar & Grill  (Bellevue, Nebraska) 

Stella's Bar & Grill has been a Nebraska staple, family-owned and operated since 1936. This little restaurant has been featured in Business Insider, Gourmet Magazine, and Urban Spoon for its burgers. Additionally, Stella's has won Omaha's Best Burger for 10 years in a row. 

Go all out when you're here and order the triple cheeseburger featuring 6.5-ounce ground beef patties on a fresh bun delivered from an Italian bakery down the street. The toppings are classic - lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion, and mayo. It's the American classic done right. 

So, which burger joint will you run to first?


Indulge in the ultimate American culinary experience by sinking your teeth into one of these mouthwatering burgers. The classic American burger has undergone a flavorful evolution in recent years, with restaurants crafting inventive combinations that tantalize the taste buds. Whether you crave a traditional burger made with the finest, high-quality ingredients or prefer an innovative twist on this beloved classic, these seven burgers in the USA promise a gastronomic adventure you won't want to miss.