Nestled on the rugged coast of Asturias in northern Spain, Cudillero is a captivating village that enchants visitors with its unique charm and beauty. Often overlooked in favor of more famous Spanish destinations, this small fishing village offers a picturesque escape into a world where vibrant houses cling precariously to the cliffs and the sea's rhythm marks the passage of time. With its circular layout and houses painted in a kaleidoscope of colors, Cudillero looks like a scene straight out of a storybook.

How to Visit

Cudillero is most easily reached by car or bus from the nearby cities of Oviedo or Gijón, both of which are well-connected by train or plane to the rest of Spain. The journey into Cudillero is as breathtaking as the destination itself, with winding roads cutting through lush green landscapes that are typical of the Asturias region. Once in the village, the compact size of Cudillero makes it perfect for exploring on foot, allowing visitors to meander through its narrow alleys and steep stairs, discovering hidden nooks and spectacular viewpoints.

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When to Visit

The best time to visit Cudillero is from late spring to early autumn, when the weather is warm and the Atlantic Ocean sparkles under the sun. July and August can be particularly vibrant, as the village comes alive with festivals and cultural events that celebrate its maritime heritage. However, for those looking to avoid the crowds while still enjoying mild weather, May, June, and September are ideal months to experience the quiet beauty of Cudillero.

Where to Stay

Accommodation options in Cudillero range from charming guesthouses and boutique hotels nestled within the village to rural cottages in the surrounding countryside. Many of these offer stunning views of the harbor and the ocean, allowing guests to soak in the tranquil atmosphere from the comfort of their rooms. For an immersive experience, look for stays in the heart of the village, where the sound of the sea and the scent of salt air are ever-present. Just a smidge outside the village is Hotel el Rosal, which is another great option.

Things to Do

Explore the Amphitheatre of Houses: One of Cudillero’s most distinctive features is its amphitheater-like arrangement of buildings that scale the hillside. Exploring these multi-colored layers of houses offers not only a delightful visual experience but also a glimpse into the traditional architecture and urban planning of northern Spain.

Visit the Lighthouse: A walk or a short drive to the Cudillero lighthouse provides not only an insight into the maritime life of the village but also offers panoramic views of the dramatic Asturian coastline. The lighthouse stands as a sentinel over the village and is a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Enjoy Local Cuisine: Cudillero’s restaurants and bars serve some of the freshest seafood in Asturias, caught daily by the local fleet. Don’t miss the chance to try caldereta (a rich fish stew), oricios (sea urchins), and other Asturian specialties like fabada (bean stew). The local cider, or sidra, is a must-try, traditionally poured from a height to aerate it before drinking.

Take a Boat Tour: To truly appreciate the beauty of Cudillero, take a boat tour from the village harbor. Seeing Cudillero from the water provides a different perspective on its layout and architecture, and offers a deeper understanding of its connection to the sea.

Hiking and Nature Walks: The surrounding area of Cudillero is part of the larger Asturias region known for its stunning natural landscapes, including cliffs, forests, and beaches. Several hiking trails lead from the village into the countryside, providing opportunities to enjoy the region’s flora and fauna in a peaceful setting.

Cudillero is not just a place to visit; it's a destination to be experienced. Its combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and the warm hospitality of its people make it a truly enchanting Spanish town. Whether you're exploring its colorful streets, tasting its culinary offerings, or simply soaking in the views, Cudillero offers a memorable escape into a less-traveled part of Spain, making it the most charming town you've probably never heard of.


Cudillero, a hidden gem on Spain's northern coast, enchants visitors with its vibrant, cliffside homes and rich maritime culture. This picturesque fishing village offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty, traditional cuisine, and tranquil atmospheres, making it an ideal getaway for those seeking to discover Spain's lesser-known charms.